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In late September we were notified Victoria Galindo that she has been granted a temporary extension to remain in the USA through January 20, 2021. Victoria did not have to present herself for deportation on Thursday, June 11 as scheduled, but the work continues toward a positive resolution of her case. The Galindo family are valued neighbors who contribute to the Ventura community in many ways. They deserve to stay together. 

On May 24, our office and the Galindo family began reaching out to you, our community. You heard us and you answered back. By June 10 there were over 30,000 signatures on the petition to keep Victoria with her family and supporting homeless veterans through Project Roomkey in Ventura County. There was outrage, there were tears, there are questions, but most importantly there was action. Thank you for walking with us on this road. 

We continue to work with all parties involved to get a positive resolution and appreciate all the help and support thus far. We hope to continue building this web of support for justice and human dignity. Your involvement thus far has buoyed this family and everyone working towards a positive result. Please stay with us. Contact Rep. Julia Brownley and Senators Feinstein and Harris to thank them for their efforts. Contact your local representatives and senators and ask them to join the effort. Sign and share the petition. Make a donation if you can. Learn more about US Immigration policy - in the past and present. In the coming days, we will share books, podcasts, and articles you can read to learn more. 

Please refer to our social media as well as this website for updates.

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